February 2010

It's been a long time since I've seen you smile

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I'm all about enjoying the little things in life.
Killer memes.
Rockin' out to slammin' tunes and mellowing out to chilled ones.
A good sale on a pair of shoes.
Spocked fives.
And the little pile of cheese and dressing left over from the salad that I just ate
that's basically as good as the salad itself.


Maybe he's been seriously hurt. Would that be worse?

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I listened to an podcast episode of The Current podcastthe other day called "Native Panel" in which they discussed a bunch of issues pertaining to the Olympics, one of them being that they don't feel there are enough Native Olympic atheletes representing Canada, and that it's something we as a nation should be ashamed of.

I didn't think much of it until I got an email just now from an outraged work colleague encouraging everyone in my department to boycott tuning into the games because of this very reason.

There have been a bunch of back-and-forths with everyone cc'd on them with people arguing For or Against this idea and it's really causing a bit of a stir.

I don't get it.

Aren't the Olympics supposed to be based on skill and not on skin tone or ethnic background?

Who really cares about whether or not they're Native or Black or Hispanic or Caucasian or whatever as long as they go out there and do their best at what they're obviously one of the best at?

Besides Epic Beard Man would beat them all at everything if he weren't too intense for the Olympics anyway.


If I was a tidal wave I'd wash this whole place clean

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Saturday mid-afternoon wanderings before the weather plunged us back into the deep-freeze and I forgot my toque this morning and almost got frostbite on my ears for like the tenth time this winter.
Is it time for spring yet?
My adventuring companion.

There's this really cool antique store right by Confusion Corner that I've never really had time to thoroughly explore due to their ridiculous hours. Who closes at 5pm, really?
I'm convinced Moarley would appreciate the tractor on this sweater.
Maybe not the sweater itself, but the tractor for sure!
I have a luggage fetish, it's true.
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon!!!
Hello grade 4! You can bet I had a wicked collection of Sailor Moon trading cards, playing cards, action figures, movies, collections of taped episodes, posters and soooooo much more!

I genuinely would have bought this raincoat if it wasn't designed to fit a 4 year old and could cover my chest. Curse you bewbs!
Around the time I started losing my shit over Sailor Moon was when Ty drifted away from me as quickly as possible.
Does anyone know what this is?????
I couldn't get near it because of all the antique debris but I think it's some sort of beauty device based on the curler-like things on the end... but why are they attached to wires?!
I'm scared.
Diggin' the fake lobster plate.
Walks and gushiness happened, as per uje.
I get all my advice from a bandana'd dinosaur.

Oh and then we went to Mercato's for delicious Ethiopian On The Cheap!
Hello birthday party.

Things got hazy after that but here's a picture of the Sky Baklava that I made for Ty for his special 29th bday treat.
I hope when I turn 29 someone makes me a delicious desert coupled with a wicked line froma Patton Oswalt routine and subsequent inside-joke.

Is it legal to do this? I surely don't know

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I only have a few minutes left on my lunch
my Diet Pepsi in it's mnml can is nearly gone
and I fear that's the last of my energy today.

The problem with the best things in life is when they're less than stellar
it hurts
it destroys
till it kills.

(okay it doesn't do that but it might as well sometimes)

The trouble is
some days I can't see past my own ignorance and desires
I miss being 19 and knowing everything
life was simpler then.

Being a grown-up and admitting to your mistakes is a lot less fun.

Sometimes I wonder if things would be better if they were different
if I could have turkey melts for dinner every night
if I liked the taste of grape soda
if I didn't have to wear pants all the time
maybe life would be easier.

Or it wouldn't, and I'd have indegestion and a purple stain on my lips and cold legs in the winter.
I'd still be 'fessing up to being an idiot just as often.

Maybe things are perfect just the way they are.

Walk away in slow-motion

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This guy is probably the coolest roommate ever.


Leave the bourbon on the shelf

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I definitely can't skate and I have a feeling that's why I'm so fascinated with people who can, in particular people who do it for a living and actually compete by sliding around on little blades and even do flips and spins and can stop without having to slam into something or fall down like I have to do.

Because of this, one of the few things I like about the Olympics is getting to watch all the gay men and petite ladies gettin' their balance on.

And I sure do like watching totally ridic, PETA-upsetting over-the-top Johnny Weir.

He may have skated to Lady Gaga earlier this year
(which you know totes wins my heart)
but his Olympic performance is definitely my fave hands-down.

For patriotic reasons I can't root for the US but... seriously.
Shame he only got 5th.


I think we should be friends!

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It's such a lovely day to have to always feel this way

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I gave my cable box back to Shaw on Tuesday.

Considering that I don't remember the last time I used it, it seemed like a good idea not to toss my money away for no reason.

One thing I'm going to miss about not having cable, though, is not being able to watch The Colbert Report right when it airs.

Not that I really did since I don't watch tv... but not having the option makes me a bit sad.

However, this article about Christina Hendricks makes me happy.

Her figure is all things that are good.

That, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream, which would be really good right about now.

Work stresses me out, I don't want another "big project" at year-end, waah.


I'll help you with the pain

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It's Tuesday and I have an extra-long weekend due to the goodness that is Vacation Time.

It's nice that it's nearly noon and I'm in a towel listening to David Bowie and blogging for the first time in forevs.
Kinda sad that I had to take a vacay day to do that, isn't it?
Friday night post-gym Ty & I headed to the Toad in The Hole with Dan, Brian I, Cara and some others for beers and rowdy Opening Ceremony-watching.
We all felt very sorry for Jamaica and their one athlete.
I think he was doing freestyle skiing? I can't remember.

Dan invited these girls who were described as "living in my building" which I guess meant "being fucking snobby cunts"? Because we didn't even know they had arrived or were even there because they sat behind the group of us and didn't speak to anyone. This is an unfortunate stereotype of people who live in my building/area that I try hard not to fit into.

Bitches, man, I tell ya.
Another party at Pure.
I love my friends and the parties they throw, but they need to find a new venue.
This is gettin' a bit redundant, now.
The only reason we went was because Adam was throwing it and Dan was playing.

I eventually ditched out major early to go home (aka sleep) and Ty showed up a while later with hot chocolate and Lil Pizza Heaven, the sweet thing that he is.
V-Day was super low-key due to Ty's birthday being next week, so I have to budget for that blowout adventure.

We made a delicious dinner together and snuggled.
Peep the wine in the pitcher in the background; I need a decanter.

We made chicken with melted cheese on top, with tomato salsa that had avocado, green onion, jalapeno peppers and dill, with roasted baby potatoes and a spinach, mushroom and hard-boiled egg salad with home-made honey Dijon dressing omg I'm hungry just thinking about it.
Nothing says "character building" like the 'ol Window Brick.

Ty's been around since Friday.
I mean, we've literally spent almost every minute together since we met up at the gym Friday after work.
And I'm totally okay with that.
In fact, I really like it...

But it's nice out and there's a Starbucks across the street, so we're out for adventures.

This bottle of stevens awakens ancient feelings

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it's Friday and 4:30 can't come fast enough.

Today was busy as hell and lunch with Sandra and Mariah from work at the Thai place I frequent was much-needed.

Neither girl had been there before and I had been spouting praise all week so it was a bit embarrassing when we got there and they messed up my order (no, I didn't order the Pad Thai Special...) then tried to give me previously used chopsticks.

Ugh... what? I get that it's lunch rush guys but that's just plain terrible, I was a bit grossed out.

The Pad Thai that arrived with fresh chopsticks however was fine, so I think they'll be forgiven. Still, though...

Gym right after work... my thighs are killing me but you gotta push through the pain, right?
Post Death By Cross-Trainer there's a shower with my name on it, and some beers with Gord which I am very much looking forward to.

Happy Weekend to me! you!

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