December 2011

don't worry I'm not doing a year in review

- by admin

nobody needs to read more of those

so instead I've found some cool stuff to leave you with as I sign off on 2011 and look towards 2012

and some videos:

Okay, it's time to start partying. See you kids in 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!


remember back before The Internet?

- by admin

yeah I try not to, either

those were much darker days, without 4chan and reddit and 2 girls 1 cup

okay maybe we could do without that last one


last night we watched a flick called 'Streets of Fire'

with hot 18yr old Diane Lane & Willem Dafoe in leather overalls

and 80s power ballads

which we fist-pumped & lip-synced to from the couch

and afterward Tyrone was all like

"hey wanna see something weird?"

and told me that when he was a kid he was watching Inspector Gadget

and his sister put on a Bonnie Tyler LP

and they matched up

and thanks to the magic of The Internet

I can show you

what Tyrone and his sister discovered

before The Internet.

so mute & watch this:

and play this:

and remember back to when you had to work to find this kind of stuff.

working between Christmas and New Year's is tough

- by admin

these cats are a good approximation of the
happening at work today

(I'm the one sitting in the bowl, obvs)

it's hard to pry yourself away from leftover food
leftover booze
presents that still feel new
and sleep

to make some mulah to afford to go all-out in a few days
for New Year's

this time of year is rough.

crazy neighbour moved out yesterday

- by admin

it's a post-Christmas miracle.

I've been dealing with this crazy woman since I moved in two years ago, back when she harassed my old roommate for smoking outside on the front step (& having the occasional stoop beer with me). one time after chewing him out she baked him cookies which was weird, so we thought maybe she just had a crush on him or something.

see that's the funny thing about this chick. she had a way of chewing you out and making you feel like you were the problem, not her, and no good tenant wants to out themselves as potentially being bad tenants. so we stayed quiet as she would stop us going in/out of our suite and the building to let us know that our friends were too loud, we were too loud, our feet were too loud, whatever.then he moved out, Tyrone moved in, and she turned her sights on us.

on Halloween she stopped us each individually to say that she "hoped we weren't planning on having people over for Halloween", and that we should "get together at other people's houses" because her schedule is different than ours.

she showed up at our place one Sunday morning accusing us of having people over the night before because there had "been people coming and going until 3am" the night before, even though we had spent the night at a friends place and weren't even home.

the final straw(s) came when she tried to evict the woman living above her because her she could hear her cat walking around, and she took showers at 6am in order to get ready for work which woke her up.

she had apparently lived in our building for nearly a decade, switched multiple apartments, and still managed to harass and bother every tenant in the building regardless of how much noise they did (or didn't) make, and where her suite was. it just goes to show how alienated you can feel living in a building full of other people, all dealing with the same, private problem if you're made to feel like you're the only one at fault.

as we were returning from our errands yesterday she was standing in front of her door with her parents talking to them and I had to laugh at the dirty look she gave me, because in the end nearly every tenant in the building wrote letters to our rental agency. I wrote two. I wonder if she knows.

whatever. good riddance.

Here's some holiday video for you

- by admin

I actually recorded this yesterday evening but thanks to the slow, slow magic of YouTube you don't get to experience it until today at 5am when I am randomly awake? Christmas miracle, yea/nay?

Happy holidays folks!

it's almost Christmas vacation time

- by admin

as of 5pm I'm off work until next Tuesday (see you next Tuesday har har) which means I'll be attempting to make my time at the gym match up with the amount of eating, lazing around and holiday boozing I'll be doing. T'isn't the season for self-restraint, it's not often anyone makes me dinner any more.

basically I want this to be me right down to the silly hat and gingerbread

going last-minute shopping with Ty tonight which is going to be scary. we're going to Toys R Us to get stuff for his nieces & nephew and I'm getting a headache just thinking of the screeching pre-Christmas kids losing their minds in that store. you'll probably find me hiding out in the infants section caressing a toy that makes some sort of soothing sound.

okay that's not true. I don't really mind going at all except that I'd rather be sitting in my warm living room under the glow of our (real!!!) Christmas tree sipping a strong beverage watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, or, preferably, Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes

if I could just have this forever I'd be such a happy lady

happy (almost) holidays!

haters gonna hate

- by admin


it's not nice to celebrate when someone dies

- by admin

but when they've been repressing an entire country their whole lives
being the butt of so many jokes already

does that make it okay?

I guess so.

My fav Kim Jong-Il joke since he died on Saturday is Kim Jong-Il dropping the base

too bad the self-described 'internet expert probably never even knew of the hilarious memes that his bizarre onesie-clad self spawned


I'll just leave this here

- by admin

happy Monday, more later

you don't have to worry

- by admin

one day we can look back
and say
'we had it all'

we still do


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