October 2012

This Day Last Year: waiting for my lunch at Stella’s

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and the girl at the next table is talking (loudly) to her friend and is talking about how her boyfriend -who she lives with- asked her to cut back on the barhopping because he can’t keep covering her for rent and she turned around and said “I don’t see why I have to give up my partying just so he can get his stupid degree”.

in the fifteen minutes I’ve been here (food just arrived) she’s bitched about her boyfriend, a coworker, a coworkers husband, a ‘friend’, her boyfriend and their house and their tv and it’s like this big nonstop slew of negativity and it’s so toxic.

Tyrone, I love you, thanks for not being a big barstar and paying the rent on time.

he is also home sick today, which I would gladly trade for sitting near this girl.

apparently she is going to break up with her boyfriend and ‘find someone better’.


The debate is on and this is all I have to say about it:

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Hip Hop Sunday #52 Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom

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okay so it's not hiphop

but die antwoord are amazing

and this video kicks ass

so enjoy this diversion from the norm

and enjoy your Hip Hop Sunday


one of my favourite local artists covers one of my favourite songs

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james struthers is a super-talented young lad who I've been mildly obsessed with for the past few years.

and rightfully so.


(& happy friday)

Happy birthday JCVD

- by admin

toughest mofo to ever study ballet

who has no shame about loving his dogs

whose movie JCVD is actually pretty kickass

who sported a some cray 80's hair

who did a WoW commercial in French

whose first role was 'gay karate man'

who got with stupid-hot kylie minogue back in the 90's

who has a smokin' hot daughter

who punched a snake in hard target

who was the inspiration for johnny cage from mortal kombat

whose middle name is 'Camille'

my favourite bad actor of all time..


This is actually amazing

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Mitt Romney strikes me, so hard.
Makes me feel like Shirley Sherrod.
Out of context, those words aren't mine.
The private sector's doing fine.
Feels good, when the economy's weak,
Responding with a national security leak.
Osama Bin Laden, I killed.
And that was a mission you didn't build.


If you've given three dollars before,
I'm asking again for a few dollars more.
Clint Eastwood and the empty chair
Would be bettter than this Republican pair.
Shut up, it's my turn.
Let's rap together. Go ahead. You've got a lot to learn.
Mr Ryan and his voucher retailin'.
Maybe he's just a brighter shade of Palin.
Mr Romney...and his friends on Wall Street.
What I'm saying is they're SuperPacking Heat.
And here is a woman Mitt killed.
But that was an attack ad you didn't build.



Stop. Obamatime.
The race is still in play.
So I gotta be careful about what I say.
And so, from the Australian nation,
I'll be introducing the Strine translation.
The Republican party in the debt ceiling fight.
Ravings of the eccentric, lunar right.
There are those who don't believe my birth certificate.
There are nut jobs on the internet.
To your guns keep on clinging.
To myself I'll be singing...
"I so in love with you."
What we need now is the Colbert Bump.
But, just for a minute lets all do the Trump.
Trump, Trump, Trump. Yeeeaah. Not bad, huh?


Hogan, this is the real American booking.
Do you smell what Barack is cooking?
Morning in America? Not quite.
It's pre-dawn, but we will soon see the light.
Financial straits remain dire.
You've got to remember I did not start this fire.
It was Notorious G.O.P.
And if you choose to vote for me,
I will not just call you maybe.
I am ready to go all the way, baby.
That promise will be fulfilled.
So join this chorus, you didn't build.



got splashed on a bridge today

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it's been raining since yesterday but since I work a 10-minute walk from home I hoof it there and back on the 'ol feets and as a result found myself trucking across the osborne bridge this afternoon on my way home.

which isn't so bad even when it's raining, the bridge provides a pretty lovely view of the river and the 'ledge and it's hard to hate walking over it even when you're getting soaked.

as I was walking a dude in a huge truck drove across the bridge and as he passed where I was walking he revved his engine and sped up and as result covered your hero in a bunch of puddle-water which needless to say didn't leave me too impressed.

I yelled WTF and turned to give him the one-finger salute but didn't have to because I saw he'd been pulled over for running through a red light at the intersection after the bridge.

karma's a bitch.

Guy faints on The Slingshot, freaks out when he wakes up still on the ri

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and you thought you had a bad day.

I need to go for a run

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and don't fool yourself I'm not a dainty runner or even a dainty woman in general. I'm a clutz and a spaz and when I hit that treadmill if I'm not panting and red in the face and sweat isn't dripping into my eyes and the only thing I can focus on right then is pacing my breath and moving my arms then why the hell am I there anyway.

it's funny to say that because I don't think of myself as a Runner but lately it's the only way I can clear my head and stop worrying about something, everything and just be.

two years ago I couldn't even run on the treadmill, or at all. my boobs were too big and it hurt my back/chest/everything to even attempt to sprint like I used to when I was younger but thanks to universal healthcare my newer, smaller, better boobs have allowed me to become this running-obsessed monster. thanks modern medicine.

if I could go every day I would but I'm just too damn busy. life and school and work and homework piles up on me and honestly guys the only time when I feel like I'm not being crushed under the weight of responsibility is that 3-4 times a week when I can escape and let go.

last week I was sick and I only went once. I pushed myself for 15 mins and nearly 2 miles but I was so stuffed-up I could barely breathe and I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up or both and I dragged my sorry ass home in the rain, unfulfilled and under the weather.

today after work and class and a meeting with classmates to talk about a project that could eat up the entirety of my evening I'm going on that treadmill if it kills me. even if I have to stay up till midnight doing schoolwork after.

I haven't been feeling like myself and I don't know wtf is up.

I need a good run to sort myself out.

Hip Hop #51 Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

- by admin

mildly obsessed with lupe fiasco these days.

all the feels.

I don't know what to do with them.

happy hip hop sunday, kids.


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