March 2012

My good friend Johnny Broadway made a new video

- by admin

which is probably the sweetest thing you'll ever hear

and features some faces you might recognize ;)

(filmed, edited and produced by the super-talented Rachel Hosein)


Happy Cenquist Day!

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today is a Saturday to be remembered

where we get up early and drink a beer

Half-Pints, preferably

but any good, tasty beer will do

and raise a toast

to a fine gentleman

a true class-act

our friend


Happy Cenquist Day 2012!


This is what kids these days are doing on The Internet

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I don't even think I need to say anything more about this

oh, wait

yes I do

the behind the scenes at the end are the best part


Ron Burgundy was on Conan tonight

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he played the jazz flute and insulted Conan and announced a sequel to Anchorman and then played jazz flute backwards up the stairs as he left.

a little-known fact about my relationship with Tyrone is that one of the first times we hung out as a couple I made him watch Anchorman with me

he swears nowadays that he "likes it" but he didn't seem so thrilled while we were watching

especially when I started quoting the good parts

(which is all of it)

and I laughed and he sighed and I laughed and he rolled his eyes and I think he wondered what he'd gotten himself into

because he'd started dating a girl who liked terrible Will Ferrel movies and could quote them verbatim

so then I rolled over and told him

take me to pleasure town

and even if he noticed that I said it along with the movie

at that point, it didn't matter

I didn't know her very well

- by admin

but I knew her well enough.

as well enough as you can know someone you see a couple of times a week for close to a year, I guess.
she always tried to give me something to eat. a banana. some chocolate cake she'd made. a cup of coffee. I swear she got a meal ready just because she knew I'd be stopping by.she reminded me of Greta Garbo in Inspiration

she always looked so damn good. blazers and slacks and heels and lots of gold jewlery. real diamonds and pearls.

some women never stop being classy, no matter how old they get.

she was one of them.

she held my hand when she saw me. looked me in the eye. leaned on me when she had to get up but asked me not to tell anyone.

she called me "sweetie" and always wanted to know when I'd come by so she could go to the hairdresser in the morning.

the last time I saw her she was waiting for a ride to the hospital. sitting in the lobby by herself. she called me over and took my hand. she told me she was scared

and I hugged her

I told her I'd see her soon, that she'd be okay and I'd see her for our next appointment.

turns out I lied.

because there won't be a next time.

goodbye, Carole


can you believe I haven't seen the new Mad Men?

- by admin

I know, I feel like an asshole

but I've been busy doing MEME 2012 stuff, and writing my papers, and figuring out my un-supervillain costume for a party this weekend

so I'll just leave this gif here, which Mulligan posted which has be me all aflutter

and will come back to you once I've written this paper and watched this episode


Hip Hop Sunday # 34 Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis - Got Your Money

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I have Wu Tang on the mind after drawing Rza in Draw Something yesterday

I didn't have the foresight to save the photo, but here's one I did instead

Happy Hip Hop Sunday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Secret Handshake!

- by admin

my favourite monthly meetup of awesome Winnipeg types turned two last night and we were out in full force to celebrate at The King's Head

there were tons of name tags and raffle presents and snacks (not pictured)

and the lovely Leanne made a lovely speech and we all heckled her

and I got dragged onstage to help her pick some raffle winners, of which I wasn't one but congrats to the fine tweeps who walked away with some awesome Parlour Coffee swhwag (I'm so jealous)

of course the obligatory Secret Handshake Ladies' Trifecta of Awesome bathroom shot featuring myself, Leanne and the short-n-lovely Stef

though when Leanne brought out some tube socks from her purse I knew things were getting weird and it was time to get some Smoke's Poutine and go home


T-minus four hours

- by admin

till the 2012 version of this drunken photo happens at the King's Head for Secret Handshake

awww yeah


Today I watched some My Little Pony

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because after attempting to watch some Jersey Shore last week I thought that maybe I should try my hand at understanding another 'trend' that at a glance I assume is both completely stupid and a total waste of my time and here is what I learned:

I don't get this crap, either

apparently you can't watch My Little Pony on the hasbro website which makes my eyes want to bleed, so I had to find an episode online to watch and this is what happened:

some still images and a voice-over told me about two unicorn sisters who controlled the light and the day, but the night unicorn got upset that the ponies slept during her time so she decided it would always be night and the other (good?) unicorn harnessed some jewels and trapped her in the moon. which apparently was some story being read by some pony sitting on a hill reading a book. then the intro started which was a song about magic and friends and other stuff, I have no idea, and then the pony reading a book was walking on the road and it has some really stupid My Little Pony type name and some other ponies invited her to the party some other pony with a stupid name was having in a courtyard.

then I stopped because, my god, it's terrible.

I remember the original My Little Pony show being really lame and terrible as far as children's shows go and the closest I really got to being "into" it was someone gave me a pony as a gift with a saddle that opened up so you could store stuff in her back. but it was okay that the show sucked and the toys were junk because it was a children's show that no adult in their right mind could actually find cute or cool

and I think that's my issue with this 'new' My Little Pony.

because I'm seeing My Little Pony stuff everywhere. people are posting pictures of these weird anime versions of horses all over facebook, pinterest, on twitter and don't even get me started on the My Little Pony cesspool that is tumblr and I get it if it were a bunch of tweens that were posting about this kind of stuff, but actual adults who I respect are doing it and I simply don't understand it.

My Little Pony isn't cute or cool or awesome or whatever, it's a really terrible remake of a terrible kids show that happens to look like anime now and for Christ's sake it's called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. that doesn't even make sense! it's these arbitrary cutsey buzzwords linked together to make you think something is zomg cute when it's just useless fluff.

and you know what
it's not Hello Kitty
it's not Keropi
it's not Chococat
it's not Batz-maru
it's not any of the list of Sanrio characters who it is socially acceptable for adults to think is cute
(and that's still depending on who you ask)
because people my age grew up with those
it's different when you grow up with a show and you're naturally inclined to like it due to nostalgia but as far as I can tell there is nothing beyond the "omg these ponies have big anime eyes" that is actually in any way appealing and
that doesn't make it acceptable for grown men (who I know!) to be calling themselves
really, guys? really?

see, adults watching Jersey Shore I can kind of understand. it's escapism. it's just people wanting to forget their dramas and shitty lives and watching other people's dramas and shitty lives and even though I don't agree that it's valuable to society in any way I can at least rationalize why it's so huge. plus at least on Jersey Shore the characters actually have sex with actual people unlike the disturbing pony-on-pony pr0n people post on tumblr.

I just can't rationalize the pony thing.

it's fluff. it's stupid, useless, annoying, fluff and there's actually less reason for us to be excited about animated ponies than Jersey Shore because at least the useless annoying characters on Jersey Shore are at least (to some extent) actual, physical people. these are just ugly, misshaped, fake-anime horses.

basically this is how I felt watching it:

I'm done.

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